About Us

The idea for Gorilla Snot was hatched one fateful day around 40 years ago, by Gorilla Snot founder/inventor Dan Eszo. It happened while he was playing bass with his rock & roll band, including future James Gang bass player, Joe Walsh who "practiced all day," Dan recalls. As luck would have it, Dan dropped his pick during a tune and the group began kicking around goofy ideas on how to solve that problem.

Dan has played guitar since the age of 8 or 9. But it was after Dan's tour as a combat infantryman in Vietnam, then graduation from Kent State University - followed by a long career as a documentary film producer - that Gorilla Snot finally became a reality in 1987.

In 2012 Dan passed the Gorilla Snot torch on to Joey Shapiro, entrepreneur and drummer for Capitol Recording artist XYZ

Joey explained... "I am thrilled beyond belief to be the new owner of Gorilla Snot! I've been a die hard Gorilla Snot user for over 18 years. I love it so much I bought the company!"